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Eugene Francois Vidocq™ Bureau of Intelligence Acquires Fintel Research

puzzle piece
E.F. VIDOCQ Bureau of Intelligence and Fintel Research put the pieces of the puzzle together on financial research and intelligence

E.F. VIDOCQ is a consultancy that advises private, commercial and legal clients on matters pertaining to transactions, finance, commercial interests, and in private client investigations.

In June, 2023, E.F. VIDOCQ completed a purchase of Fintel Research to help solidify the firm's strength in asset investigations and research.

Fintel Research by E.F. VIDOCQ Bureau of Intelligence will enhance the capabilities to locate international assets for a variety of legal reasons.

Fintel Research clients can still work with some of the same people by contacting the Fintel Research team through E.F. VIDOCQ Bureau of Intelligence.

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