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What We Stand For

Independent | Unbias | Factual

About Vidocq
Vidocq Paris Coat of Arms

Established in 1833, E.F. Vidocq Inquiry Bureau was the first detective agency in the world, started by Eugène-François Vidocq the former Chief of police in Paris, France.

Behind Vidocq is a group of people committed to your mission. We do this without political, religious, or ethnic bias. We do not stand behind any one news channel, politician, or belief system. We are independent, unaffiliated, and neutral in all of today's hottest topics. ​

E.F. Vidocq provides commercial and private client risk management services.  We do this in creative ways drawing upon our military intelligence, law enforcement, private investigation, legal, and financial experience.

We employ a wide array of tactics to properly support  long-term strategies  aimed at satisfying our clients with exceptional outcomes.

Staircase in Galerie de Viviene
Galerie de Viviene

We  offer complete secrecy to our clients, sources and operational staff. Your individual requirements dictate the service we provide, and our services are bespoke, not off-the-shelf.

We start with  a comprehensive consultation and confirm your strategic objective. Then we drill down and draw out specific information requirements, formulate an operational plan to address them, and present you with a formal proposal.

For further information on how we can assist you, please contact us for a consultation. A senior member of E.F. Vidocq will be ready to begin addressing your matter with professional urgency.

Our expertise is based around Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, Integrity Monitoring, Cyber Defense,  Investigations, Business Continuity & Resilience, and Digital Discovery. Read more about our focus here.

Galerie de Vivenne staircase leading to Vidocq
Galerie de Viviene Paris
Toile of lion and snake


E.F. Vidocq helps our clients with a multi-skill approach. Our approach to skillfully remediating risk is through the disciplines in fact-based investigation, real-world actionable intelligence gathering, cyber risk mitigation, monitoring integrity, and privacy services. This all-inclusive approach gives our clients a full-scope risk firm to help in protection from frontal assaults as well as responding to attacks with dispute winning advantages.

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