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Our firm, with its boutique approach, designs and executes tailor-made strategies, utilizing the expertise of our seasoned team and an extensive global network. This network includes carefully selected attorneys, financial advisors, analysts, investigators, accountants, and other specialists, all collaborating to resolve challenges and deliver outstanding results.

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   It is our distinct pleasure to serve you. Please complete this form entirely, so we may may review your matter carefully and provide the best possible advice.

  E.F. VIDOCQ™ provides risk remediation services that help in matters of reputation attacks, cyber risk and defense, private client investigations, monitoring of integrity, corporate intelligence and intellectual property.

  We are selective in who we work for to ensure the highest quality of service. Our clients' are just as selective in who they hire. Our firm is available to all people, however, the majority of clients that we serve are high net worth private clients, companies, entertainment professionals, collectors, investors, fund managers and wealth management firms.

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