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Vidocq Approach

In our dealings with every client, we uphold the principles of simplicity and clarity. It's this commitment that has shaped Vidocq into the respected and values-driven firm it is today within the risk and intelligence community.

Simplicity + clarity = results.


At Vidocq, we embrace a streamlined approach to risk and intelligence, prioritizing clarity and efficiency in our strategies. Our methodology revolves around distilling complex information into actionable insights, allowing our clients to make informed decisions with confidence. By focusing on the essentials and eliminating unnecessary complexities, we ensure that our risk management and intelligence solutions are both effective and easily understandable. Trust Vidocq for a simplified yet powerful approach to navigating today's challenging landscape of risks and opportunities.

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We believe that being informed is paramount to effective decision-making. With our expertise and foresight, we empower our clients with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities proactively. By staying ahead of emerging trends, risks, and developments, we provide our clients with a strategic advantage, enabling them to make well-informed decisions that align with their goals and aspirations. Our commitment to foresight ensures that our clients are equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of today's world with confidence and clarity.


Utilizing the strength of insight, we strategically manage risk for our clients. Through meticulous analysis and a profound comprehension of market dynamics, we unearth concealed patterns, emerging trends, and potential vulnerabilities. By synthesizing copious amounts of information, we distill actionable insights that facilitate proactive risk management. Our approach involves a continuous process of intelligence gathering, threat assessment, and the development of bespoke strategies tailored to meet our clients' unique requirements. With our insightful approach to risk management, clients can confidently navigate uncertainties.

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Utilizing Performance as one of the four key pillars in our approach to addressing client challenges, we prioritize achieving optimal results in all aspects of our services. Understanding the significance of performance in attaining success, we focus on enhancing performance across risk management, intelligence gathering, strategic planning, and execution. Our commitment to excellence drives us to set high standards and consistently deliver results that surpass expectations. By prioritizing performance, we ensure that clients receive top-tier service and achieve their desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.

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Incisive Advisory

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Incisive Advisory is About Accurately Making Better Decisions.

Strategic decisions are made by sending by advancing intelligence — understanding what opportunities may exist if new advantages are uncovered. Incisive Advisory™ helps legal counsel understand an adversary better. It helps a company move into emerging markets with confidence , and it helps private clients make important decisions with all the relevant facts.


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Commercially Adept

We gain valuable insight into markets, competitors, geo-political, strengths, and weaknesses before your company ventures into new territory. We understand business and commerce.

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Intelligence and Investigations

We gather facts and context in various business, legal and personal matters. Your counsel decides how to use them strategically. Vidocq Risk  provides robust intelligence development before, during, or after a complex issue has manifested.

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Cyber and Forensics

We can delve deep into the complex web of the cyber universe. With capabilities in cyber investigation, cybersecurity, digital forensics, and OSINT, we have cyber covered. We apply our cyber practice to uncover information previous investigators may have missed or to take deeper dives into obscured intelligence. 

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Privacy Consulting

We assist clients take better control of their privacy. We conduct full privacy audits and assist clientele to begin a new journey away from prying eyes.

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Private Clients

E.F. VIDOCQ Private Client services assist clients looking for a boutique experience. We cater everything to the needs of those that requiring impenetrable discretion. From security planning to discreet family matters, E.F. Vidocq helps our private clients during challenging matters.

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