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Monsieur Vidocq

Brief glances, of many, into the life and times of Eugène François Vidocq.

July 1775


A Legend Is Born

Born to the son of a baker in Arras, France Eugène François Vidocq 's youth was troubled as he was both a rascal and a rogue.



Sentenced For Forgery
At age 21, E.F. Vidocq was sentenced to 8 years of hard labor, for which he escaped priosn a handful of times.


Brigade de la Suerte

Vidocq Makes Police Detective
Appointed as head of the Sûreté to deter criminals, Chef de la Brigade de Sûreté  Vidocq took on some of the most serious crimes of his day.


Vidocq Makes a Deal

Vidocq The Informant

In exchange for his freedom, he would help the police by informing on his former partners in crime, agents of the criminal underworld.

3 March 1838

Liberte ! !

Vidocq Released From Prison
Vidocq scolds those who imprisoned him and shares his feelings about the 3,500 client records seized by authorities.


Private Detective

E.F. Vidocq Bureau des Renseignemens

Vidocq opens the first detective agency in history known as the Bureau of Inquiry.


We Further Refine Our Brand

In an effort to further distinguish E.F. VIDOCQ from foreign infringement we create our new heritage logo.

Vidocq Logo
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