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Competitive Standards & Practices Intelligence (C-SPI)

Vidocq Competitive Standards and Practices Intelligence (C-SPI™) services helps companies in any country raise their capabilities to reach international standards and enjoy greater profitability.

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East Meets West

Asian markets benefiting from Western standards.

Make business decisions based on your market and it's expanded capabilities. Short sighted marketing, market entry, and local market sales benefit from intelligence driven actionable insights from a deep understanding of your companies ability to meet standards outside of your current sphere of influence.

  • Gain competitive advantages

  • Learn how to serve and sell to foreign customers

  • Create repeat business

  • Grow additional lines of business

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West Meets East

Western standards benefiting from Eastern commerce.

Western commerce can benefit from many aspects of Eastern connections and market entry. With an ever growing population and commercial schemes, Eastern countries offer Western based companies a plethora of opportunity ripe for expanded thinking and market expansion.

We advise Western clients in:

  • Market entry intelligence

  • Workforce intelligence

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Cultural advantages

  • Regulatory management

  • Risk mitigation

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Standards & Practices Intelligence

Improve. Identify. Avoid.

Learn what you need to know when raising competitive standards and creating new opportunities.

Standards and Practices Intelligence™ (SPI™) specifically works with South Eastern Asian countries to meet and exceed local and international standards. We serve companies in developing standards that bring greater profitability by leveraging additional training and skills that will meet standards for both local and international markets in their own locale.

We work for the following industries:

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Hospitality

  • Infrastructure and Government

  • Project Development

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Vidocq C-SPI™

Gain competitive advantages by meeting market expectations. Vidocq Competitive Standards and Performance Intelligence (C-SPI) will increase your bottomline.

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Quick ROI

Increase your bottomline quickly. We work with property developers, government, and nationwide commercial businesses to improve their standards, know their competition, reduce risk and mine new opportunities.

We serve the following countries:

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

  • Vietnam

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Identify ____ To  Increase Market Share.

Don't wonder what could have been. Find out with intelligence from the go-to private intelligence agency with experience in corporate private competitive intelligence.

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