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Our Capabilities Provide For Exceptional Outcomes

We  help clients resolve high-stakes matters involving significant civil, criminal, operational and administrative exposure.

In Commerce for Commerce.

Better Outcomes

E.F. VIDOCQ  provides better outcomes due to mutual understanding between our firm and the clients we serve. We work for people and companies that know a shoestring isn't going to lift a ship's anchor. We only work with clients who understand accurate results come from a team of dedicated professionals, not one person.

High Caliber Client Relations

Each client is assigned a client-relation concierge. This person is responsible for communicating your needs, following up on all communications, and acting as a go-between with investigators, lawyers, advisors, and accountants.  We also go the extra mile by having your concierge available 24/7, even holidays.

Multi-Jurisdictional Coverage

We have associates in 24 countries and growing. We utilize a network of people to manage matters across states and borders to ensure continuity of service. With our network of vendors, we can assist with legal, financial, investigative, and privacy needs.

Cost Effective Solutions

We look at working efficiently and precisely within reasonable budgetary constraints. Our billing ranges from $200-1200 per hour depending on the area of expertise and the matter complexity. Many services we perform are in packaged pricing so that the client understands exactly what they will receive for the package price. If you value quality, relations, and exclusivity, then we are the firm for you.

Incisive Advisory

Incisive Advisory is About Accurately Making Better Decisions.

Strategic decisions are made by sending by advancing intelligence — understanding what opportunities may exist if new advantages are uncovered. Incisive Advisory™ helps legal counsel understand an adversary better. It helps a company move into emerging markets with confidence , and it helps private clients make important decisions with all the relevant facts.


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Commercially Adept

We gain valuable insight into markets, competitors, geo-political, strengths, and weaknesses before your company ventures into new territory. We understand business and commerce.

Intelligence & Investigations

We gather facts and context in various business, legal and personal matters. Your counsel decides how to use them strategically. Vidocq Risk  provides robust intelligence development before, during, or after a complex issue has manifested.

Cyber & Forensics

We can delve deep into the complex web of the cyber universe. With capabilities in cyber investigation, cybersecurity, digital forensics, and OSINT, we have cyber covered. We apply our cyber practice to uncover information previous investigators may have missed or to take deeper dives into obscured intelligence. 

Privacy Consulting

We assist clients take better control of their privacy. We conduct full privacy audits and assist clientele to begin a new journey away from prying eyes.

Private Clients

E.F. VIDOCQ Private Client services assist clients looking for a boutique experience. We cater everything to the needs of those that requiring impenetrable discretion. From security planning to discreet family matters, E.F. Vidocq helps our private clients during challenging matters.

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