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Galerie Vivienne, home of E.F. Vidocq
Galerie Vivienne, Paris, France - Vidocq lived here.

About Eugène-François Vidocq

We uphold the legacy and heritage of Eugène-François Vidocq. Our mission is to promote the significance of the contributions of E.F. Vidocq on the world of literature, arts, crime fighting and private investigation.


Our goal will be an on-going endeavor. Namely, we want to educate people on the many facets, accomplishments and historical facts that we can on Monsieur Vidocq. We continue to acquire historical artifacts and delve deep into antiquity to learn as much as possible on the historical significance of Vidocq's contributions to the investigative industry.

Private Investigation

Being private investigators ourselves with decades of experience, we are motivated by E.F. Vidocq and inspired to create value for clients wishing to hire a private investigator. We follow in the footsteps of who we consider to be our founder, Vidocq, and provide our services to business along with the people behind business and industry.


We will dive into the impact that E.F. Vidocq had on some of histories greatest literary writers, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe and others. We will closely examine the literature, the writings and how Vidocq inspired the writers, the works and modern day literature.


Vidocq also had an influence over theatre. Having persuasion over Honore DeBalzac, E.F. Vidocq played a big role in helping playwrights craft characters that have withstood the test of time.

Crime Fighting

Widely known among criminology as the first police detective, E.F. Vidocq instituted many interesting techniques in helping our forefathers in criminology begin to organize themselves, such as the consulting Vidocq did for Scotland Yard in 1845; and to begin to understand various forensic sciences such as taking casts of foot prints at crime scenes.

Private Detective

Among his many firsts and his contributions to modern society, Eugène-François Vidocq was the worlds first known private detective. Starting in 1833, and gaining increased popularity in 1840, Vidocq — although for a relatively short time (around 15 years) became the worlds first private detective.

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