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private investigation and dispute resolution by VIDOCQ

Investigations & Dispute Resolutions


When personal, business or legal matters demand influential, innovative and progressive investigations, top-tier law firms, companies and private clients rely on E.F. VIDOCQ.

We engage quickly and discreetly to help our clients win the upper-hand. With decades of collective investigative experience, our senior investigative partners are well poised to conduct fact-based investigations.

Private Client Investigations

When faced with personal matters that are beyond the scope of your local private investigator, hire E./f to help you sort and sift facts that help connect the dots in personal private investigations.


Renee Talbert Due Dil Partner EF VIDOCQ




Our Private Client Investigations are custom tailored to the exact needs of the clients matter. As a boutique-style firm, we can create solutions that meet the demands of the investigative matter at hand.

Commercial Business Investigations

Commercial investigations is the driving force of E.F. VIDOCQ. We excel at delivering actionable information so you can make important decisions. Fact based information is not a Google search, and in an era where facts are significantly skewed our research and analysis sets us apart from most private investigators. 

We apply a disciplined framework to each and every commercial investigation we undertake. Counsel and advisors are provided information that will have multiple source documents to support the investigation.

Relying on old school private investigations is no longer an option in a complex world.

We support our work with data analysis, not just the data. We bolster our facts with deep research not mere internet searches. We provide context where there is none.


"We rushed a project to the agency, Renee took the case and made it happen."


Investigation Services

Investigation Services When Your Reputation Is On The Line.

Private and commercial investigative services based on fact.

Today's world seems to thrive on he-said she-said via the Internet. We sort and sift the dribble and provide thoroughly researched information that connects the dots.

Big Ben London VIDOCQ RISK™
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