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Incisive Solutions

We focus on clients - people and organizations with distinctive ambitions and challenges. We aim to understand your needs, solve your problems, and identify the right opportunities for your personal, legal, or business matter. We offer dynamic, insightful, and targeted services.

Asset Location & Tracing

Follow the money. Asset location and tracing may be beneficial when there is a judgment or a white-collar case such as fraud or corruption. Asset investigations are also helpful during high-stakes divorces and due diligence matters. E.F. VIDOCQ   has conducted asset investigations for 30 years. Experience matters.

Litigation Support

E.F. Vidocq supports litigators from A-Z. From Asset Searches, Backgrounds, Cyber Investigations, Data deep dives, Forensics, and other bespoke services – all help win disputes. We also advise litigators on the viability of legal remedies, including the collection of judgments.

Intellectual Property

Corporate assets such as Intellectual Property are critical cornerstones of most companies. We protect reputations and the holistic brand from the continuous surge of infringement with grey markets, illicit trade, and counterfeiting, among others.

Due Diligence

When it's time to make a business decision, it's time to conduct due diligence. We find both the value and the risk in our due diligence matters. We take our time and create a bespoke plan considering the landscape of the assignment.

We become what you need us to be.

Legal | Investigative | Financial | Operational 

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Cyber & Forensics

With the innovation of products and services and the ever-growing opportunity for fraud in and around cyber - our full-spectrum cyber, regulatory, compliance and forensic services offer exceptional outcomes. From penetration testing to incident response, VIDOCQ RISK can efficiently respond.


Regulators expect organizations to identify and manage privacy risks and private clients expect to keep their professional and business lives separate. We create privacy strategies to help high-net-worth families and organizations requiring regulatory privacy compliance.

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Strategic Relocation

We assist clients in taking better control of their privacy. We conduct full privacy audits and assist clientele in beginning a new journey away from prying eyes.

White Collar

High-stakes investigations require high-caliber investigators. We work with litigators on behalf of organizations, corporations, financial institutions, boards of directors, and individuals.

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Incisive Advisory

Before, during, or after a dispute we can assist decision makers understand the complexities of making legal and reputational decisions. We appraise , prepare and support matters that require critical decisions. Whether it is a high-stakes legal matter or reputational issue, Monsieur Vidocq will critically analyze and advise for a more thorough strategy. 

Valuable Goods

Whether it is art, motor vehicles, antiquities, or other luxury goods, E.F. VIDOCQ can support the acquisition of luxury goods.  We use our associated experts in antiquities and archeology, notable art dealers and forensic advisors, or a security plan to protect such valuable luxury items.

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