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Protecting Reputation & Investment of Intellectual Property

A company's most valuable asset is likely their intellectual property (IP). But, IP is often overlooked and not cared for in the way it should.


Safeguarding creativity, innovation and identify is of paramount importance to businesses of all sizes. Maximizing the use of your IP across disciplines and borders is equally important to consider, especially during transitions like during a merger or acquisition.


E.F. VIDOCQ helps protect commercial endeavour's by creating, defending and enforcing intellectual property. 


Lyle Thomas IP Partner EF VIDOCQ



Los Angeles,California

At E.F. VIDOCQ  we are here for our clients every IP need. From inception, through the lifecycle of the brand, we help our clients obtain IP, manage IP and investigate and defend IP.

Co-led by an IP attorney and senior investigator, we work like no others to protect you when infringement occurs. We have the mastery in intellectual property investigations to help our clients win favorable outcomes should a conflict arise. We combine that with our cyber defense practice and we can find the source of infringement, locate their assets and help prosecute malicious actors.

We work with some of the world’s leading house-hold brands, including major corporates, technology and pharmaceutical companies, across all aspects of intellectual property law and investigation. 


"Considering a cross-border matter and very little time, Lyle and investigators did an outstanding  job in documenting a matter for our counterfeit claim."

Intellectual Property Investigations

Get Your IP Protected

Let experts help protect and investigate your intellectual property.

Need to register a trademark? We can do that. Need to investigate infringement of your brand in China, we got that covered too. Need an undercover buy? We're on it.

Patent from 1800s Intellectual Property Risk EF VIDOCQ
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