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Harry Roseland - A Serious Case EF VIDOCQ Incisive Risk Advisory

Incisive Risk Advisory


"A Serious Case"

Incisive Risk Advisory

Advisement based on experience makes important decisions easier to make. E.F. VIDOCQ provides our clients with fact-based advisory services in any number of areas that include legal, operational and regulatory arenas. We delve into complex matters that require deep understanding and provide the context to the intelligence.

When faced with critical decisions, intelligence has always been the go-to catalyst to important events. Our universal intelligence transcends borders and aids our clients in emerging markets make go or no-go decisions.


Laura LaFluer Tblisi Georgia EF VIDOCQ Risk Advisor

Laura LaFleur


Tblisi, Georgia


In legal cases, we routinely provide lawyers intelligence on the big picture. Helping them understand the nooks-and-crannies of the legal case they are presiding over. Whether it is deep intelligence gleaned from open-source material, or deep dives into the character of a person; our intelligence is the guiding light in many high-stakes cases.

We evaluate the integrity of the people associated with the risk, the tactics used to manage the risk and the reputations of the companies and leaders associated with risk. Our ability to view the entirety of a matter with experts in various practice areas, makes us a leading contender in risk advisory services.


"When we have clients with seemingly formidable challenges, we like to know everything we can. [EF] Vidocq provides us with insights that were previously unknown."

M. Lambert Associates

Make Sound Decisions

Advisory Services 

We help navigate tough landscapes with our all-purpose advisory services.

Whether you are facing a tough personal decision, business matter, legal case, or building a strategy — E.F. VIDOCQ will provide fact-based advisory intelligence that will assist you in making informed decisions.

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