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Privacy Consulting by E.F. Vidocq

"I Have Nothing To Hide"

Everyone to some extent or another desires privacy. Privacy is not because you are doing something wrong, it is because it is a basic human instinct to keep some things private. 

Privacy To Avoid Civil Unrest

Properly protecting you and your family from civil unrest is becoming increasingly popular. Our bespoke privacy services addresses key aspects during a full privacy audit that will include a threat assessment.

C-Suite Privacy

We help c-suite clients gain corporate privacy from extremists. Extremist organizations that follow you, find you, trespass and harass you are prevelant in the last 20 years. Fortunately, we have infiltrated those organizations and know how they work. We can help you gain greater privacy.

Prise_de_l'Hôtel_de_ville_-_le_Pont_d'Arcole Privacy Consulting by EF VIDOCQ™

Private Client Privacy

Maybe you're not a celebrity or CEO of a Fortune 100 – that's okay too. We help private clients who may not have large public footprints  control their privacy as wll. Each client may receive slightly different services as each privacy case we take is custom tailored to your specific threat vector.

Privacy Assessments

We evaluate your particular risks with 20 years of privacy related experience. We work quietly and discreetly to conduct a full risk assessment and then create a plan to impliment privacy standards to mitigate risk to you or your companies privacy.

Get Privacy Now!

Threat Analysis To Understand Your Privacy

Unlike other so-called privacy consultants, we don't hand you a PDF and a YouTube video and call it done. We hand you a privacy concierge and walk you through every step for as long as you see fit.

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