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Our Focus

E.F. Vidocq™ Investigations & Intelligence focuses on commercial, legal and private client matters that require skillful care and handling.

We are a completely sovereign company with agility, independence and discretion purpose built into our DNA. We graciously work within the bounds of any applicable laws while staying in concert with our clients requirements. We use the legal system to the advantage of our client in every way, shape and form. 

Our team consists of lawyers, investigators, CPAs, and other financial experts. This allows us to shape our independent work down to the finite detail.

We work quietly to help the people behind the machine. The operators of Fortune 500s, lawyers of commercial concerns, and those in high-profile positions. These are the people with the most to lose and we are there to ensure their risks are minimized and gains maximized.

The point of convergence for our clients is the prime focus of our firm. What ever the matter is, we deploy our preeminent team to our clients' beck-and-call. We are concierges of private and commercial concerns, lightening the load for the people and interests we serve.

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