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Due Diligence

Due Diligence Protects Commercial Interests

Legal, financial, intellectual property, IT, and commercial due diligence provides enormous support for important matters to move forward. E.F. VIDOCQ™ provides due diligence support to attorney', commerce and finance industries.

We seek to help litigators closely examine the legal basis for matters such as target commercial holdings, intellectual property, characters of board appointees and pending litigation. 


Renee Talbert Due Dil Partner EF VIDOCQ



Dallas Texas


We also support lawyers in areas worth exploring such as vendor relationships, employment issues, finding obscured assets and contractual issues. 

We work on commercial matters by performing competitive intelligence due diligence, meeting with vendors, customers and delving deep behind the business strategy of any commercial interest.

Understand the realities of markets, people and legalities with E.F. VIDOCQ Due Diligence.


"Renee helped us process due diligence on an real estate investment and development. Outstanding work completed on time!"

Due Diligence 

Due Diligence For When It Matters Most.

Due diligence confirms or exposes important details

Don't go before you know. Get comprehensive due diligence on important acquisitions, mergers and other commercial interests.

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