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The Nations Most Accurate Asset Locates, Bank Account Searches, and Cryptocurreny Forensics Started Today! 

Financial Intelligence for your information. Nations leading asset research, crypto forensics, and bank asset locates - before, during and after disputes - started same day. 



Asset, Bank, and Crypto Research For Legal Purposes

Asset Tracking, Location, and Tracing

E.F. VIDOCQ is a leading asset research company serving our clients internationally in locating global assets. We locate safe deposit boxes, insurance policies, real estate, crypto currency, art collections, automobile collections and more.

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Crypto Forensic Tracing

At E.F. VIDOCQ, we understand the importance of security and transparency in the ever-evolving world of digital currencies. Our team of expert analysts and advanced technologies work tirelessly to uncover valuable insights and provide comprehensive investigations into cryptocurrency transactions. 

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Blockchain Bank Account Searches

We specialize in comprehensive bank account searches using the blockchain. We locate for private clients, lawyers, and companies who have a legal reason to know more before, during, or after a dispute. This means you have the most accurate source of fintel available today.

How We Search

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Million located 2023

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Our Asset Searchers Are Preeminent

We are a private research firm specializing in financial intelligence gathering, as well as relevant supporting research. We do not conduct private investigations, although our team is comprised of licensed private investigators.

Our thoroughly modern approach to research allows us to find relevant information for our clients to pursue their legal objectives in a cost efficient and timely manner.

If you are looking to find assets for a legal purpose such as in anticipation of litigation, prior or during divorce, or to satisfy a judgement, our bank and asset searchers are some of the best in the world.

We work for private persons needing more information; law firms engaged in litigation; and private investigators using the information in a lawful manner.

The subject of our searches will never know and we follow all applicable laws including GLB, FCRA, and FDCP.

How We Do It

Cryptocurrency Trace

E.F. VIDOCQ will find cryptocurrency. We trace hundreds of coins.

Other Asset Tracing

We can support any mission involving the tracing of assets beyond bank accounts and cryptocurrency. What ever asset tracing you need, beyond financial intelligence, contact us for custom quotes.

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