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Experience a whole new level of concierge service when going overseas.

Attaché Global Concierge

Strategic Relocation

Relocate globally with purpose. Go where you can excel and gain the peace and security you desire.

Market Research

ATTACHÉ conducts market research in various countries to identify opportunities for expansion and growth. 


In the event of a crisis or emergency situation in a foreign country, ATTACHÉ serves as a point of contact. We also establish security protocols prior to your arrival to a new country.

Cultural Liaison

ATTACHÉ helps clients navigate cultural differences and customs in different countries.

Real Estate & Assets

We will assist our clients in obtaining their dream home, transportation and other assets in their new country.

Lifestyle Management

With ATTACHÉ we can assist our clients with absolutely everything, including on-going lifestyle management.

Attaché global concierge services by Vidocq™
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