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Asset Tracing

Samuel Finley Breese Morse  (1791–1872)

Gallery of the Louvre

Asset Tracing & Recovery

E.F. VIDOCQ™ helps clients all over the world find, locate, and recover assets. We specialize in tracing assets that have been hidden through complex corporate structures, embezzled by public servants, or misappropriated by fraudsters. Our combination of traditional asset tracing methods and cutting-edge technology allows us to identify and recover attachable assets for our clients. We also identify key relationships and uncover sophisticated embezzlement schemes to maximize recovery and client satisfaction.

When it comes to recovering misappropriated assets, working with a team that has both global expertise and local knowledge is key to success. E.F. Vidocq  investigators have vast experience and can provide critical intelligence in a variety of contexts, including determining whether an asset is attachable, securing the return of misappropriated assets, identifying and securing assets to satisfy a judgment, and determining whether or not litigation is viable.


Wendy Ling Partner EF VIDOCQ Asset Tracing



Washington, D.C.


Our creative approach to asset tracing and recovery encompasses more than just real estate and company ownership. We also include escrow accounts, accounts receivable, investments, artwork, joint ventures, and related business entities in our definition of assets. With decades of experience and current knowledge of legal mechanisms in dozens of jurisdictions, we are uniquely positioned to develop a comprehensive and robust asset recovery strategy for our clients. We provide support to our clients throughout the entire process of asset tracing and recovery, from determining the overall extent and location of subjects’ assets to attaching those assets once legal proceedings are initiated.


Our carefull approach includes:

Asset Analysis

We conduct thorough analysis of data repositories and target strategic inquiries to get the intelligence needed on available assets. This allows us to create a blueprint detailing each asset, its value, and the best way to recover it.


Incisive Approach

We work closely with legal counsel to devise an enforcement strategy that makes the most of the tools available in each jurisdiction. We also take into account the ease of attachment and any potential obstacles. This way, we can make sure we're targeting the right assets in the right jurisdictions.


Asset Recovery

Once we start the recovery process, we provide ongoing support by gathering intelligence and evidence. We track the subject's acquisition plans and collect information on transfers, sales, and regular payments. This way, we can keep the recovery process moving forward and help our clients get the assets they're entitled to.


"I dealt with other private investigators who just resold me junk from a data researcher. Wendy actually came through in a big way."

Charles Pritchard Finance

"EFV  did extraordinary in their efforts to help us find money in an embezzlement case within our company."

J. Bennetone - Lead Investigator

Asset Investigations

Get an Asset Assessment Now.

Allow our cyber experts to help offer context in a tangled web of information.

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Marcello Bacciarelli  (1731–1818)

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