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Art_Collection_of_Prince_Władysław_Vasa Luxury Goods Risk EF VIDOCQ

Art, Antiquities and Luxury Collections

Luxury Goods Risk

You are likely passionate about your pursuits in collectibles, antiquities, and art. We are here to ensure a completely transparent process. Our Luxury goods protective services start with a complete due diligence investigation into the seller's reputation, character, and track record. Due diligence establishes a greater chance of a successful and honest transaction. 

We gather helpful evidence efficiently that will aid authentication through appropriately vetted experts. We ensure that credibility and integrity maintain throughout ownership, with programs built with that in mind to increase the value of the art, antiquity, or other collectibles should you decide to sell it later.


Charles Dower Partner EF VIDOCQ

Charles Dower


New York

Treasures, collectibles, and admired pieces are bought and sold in an obscured world of various seedy characters. There is little to no regulation in a multi-billion dollar market of antiquities, luxury goods, or collectibles. We shed light on the process's dark spots and ensure the ones you count on, such as sellers, agents, dealers, and auction houses, do not have unknown stains that could persuade your purchase. We ensure integrity so that you can continue your passion with confidence.

E.F. VIDOCQ ensures that the risks you take are mitigated so that you can continue to enjoy your pursuits.


"My collection is small compared to some, in my same sphere, but it is very important to me from a sentimental view. I thank the company for all their help and leading me in the right direction.

T.R. Billings

Luxury Goods Diligence

Art, Antiquity & Collectibles Risk

We shed light on the obscure in a dark world of fraud and impostors.

Global risk mitigation of art, antiquities and collectibles using investigators and an expert sphere of specialists that know your specific genre.

Woman at spring with water coming from vase painting Art and Antiquities Risk EF VIDOCQ

Jacques-François Delyen  (1684–1761)

Portrait of a lady of quality in spring 

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