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Agent 711


Agent 711 was George Washington's code name during the Revolutionary War. Regarded as America's first intelligence agent, it's been said by the British that, 'Washington did not outfight the war, but out-spied the war.'

E.F. Vidocq heavily relies on intelligence to aid our clients in making challenging decisions. 

Competitive Intelligence

We mine competitive advantages on behalf of our clients who wish to obtain critical data to make important business decisions

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI), involves gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data to understand cyber adversaries, as well as their motivations and capabilities.

Protective Intelligence

AGENT 711 skillfully and methodically gathers information on threats to our clients livelihoods, reputations and security.

Financial Intelligence

We gather, analyze and interpret financial data and information to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that may indicate illicit financial activities.

AGENT 711 services by Vidocq are all bespoke as to the nature and needs of the project. Our intelligence gathering is geared towards acquiring, analyzing, and then advising our clients on strategic moves that protect their livelihood, reputation, and liberty are at risk.

George Washington Agent 711

Agent 711

We acquire, analyze, and advise to help our clients know better.


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