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E.F. VIDOCQ Protects Our Clients Interests

At E.F. VIDOCQ, we lead the charge in delivering sophisticated risk management solutions and comprehensive intelligence advisory services to heritage brands, successful families, entrepreneurs, law firms, and commercial enterprises.

  • What services does E.F. VIDOCQ. provide?
    We help people with complex problems. We like to think of ourselves as concierges'. We have a lot of useful tools that help our clients understand people and companies more. Some of the tools we use: Commercial Investigation - We help commerce stay honest and when something in business is not operating with integrity, we uncover the facts so that important decisions can be made. Private Client Investigations - E.F. VIDOCQ employs our VIDOCQ RISK services to work for clients who look for premium relations and who appreciate that our work can be complex, especially during private matters that affect corporate families, entertainers, and other public figures. Ethical Competitive Intelligence - We help clients locate publicly available information that helps them make business decisions. Privacy Services - Assisting clients to obtain various levels of privacy is something we have done since 2001. Whether you want to keep your public life more secure with privacy in your private life, or you have personal reasons for starting over, we can legally assist you in developing economic and personal strategies to ensure your complete privacy. We manage risks that our clients face. We mitigate threats seen and unseen.
  • Who Should Hire Us?
    Our services are for anyone. However, our target client appreciates premium performance and service. Many of our clients are involved in entrepreneurial activities, start-ups and public figures. But you don't have to be. We do not preclude anyone with a legal or permissible purpose to approach us. Our fees are not the same as an average private investigator. We employ a network of lawyers, accountants, cyber specialists and investigators to successfully aid our clients in reducing risk and understanding their legal, private and commercial position.
  • How Do I Hire E.F. VIDOCQ?
    Our engagements are limited. We do not work for many clients at once. We are selective in the matters we accept so that we can deliver an outstanding client experience. Step 1 - Contact us. Step 2 - Participate in a 1 hour telephone consultation ($250 - credited to your account). Step 3 - Our firm and you will decide together if this is a matter that we should engage in. Step 4 - E.F. Vidocq prepares an engagement contract and you electronically sign. Step 5 - The game is afoot! We begin your project immediately.
  • What Does E.F. VIDOCQ Not Do?
    We consider ourselves life concierges when difficult business, legal and professional decisions are faced. We find ways to support solutions that help our clients face these challenges. We do not conduct divorce surveillance for cheating spouses/partners. We do not illegally obtain bank records, medical records or phone records. We do not conduct corporate espionage. We do not break into or hack anything, unless under contract for penetration testing.
  • Who is E.F. VIDOCQ?
    We are a group of professionals with varying skillsets that help clients meet certain commercial, legal, private and financial needs. E. (Eugène) F. (François) VIDOCQ carries on the tradition started in 1833. We closely match the services started by the original founder when he started E.F. VIDOCQ Bureau of Information from his apartment in Paris. We use a wide variety of tools, with emphasis on our backgrounds in law, intelligence, military, law enforcement and corporate investigation.
  • Why do I need to "apply" to be a client?
    We are particular about the matters we handle. We need to be sure we have the necessary information first, to ensure our global team can assist you with your individual needs in the place you need it most. We are a boutique firm. People come to us for bespoke approaches to the myriad of business, private and legal matters they face. They trust us for independence and integrity. We don't rush anything. We methodically approach every matter inquiring into every facet. We are a cohesive team, not a corporate investigation firm with cookie cutter investigations and advisory. We want to be sure we are giving each client deep support 24/7/365.
  • Are You Associated With The Vidocq Society?
    No, we are not associated with The Vidocq Society. They are a not-for-profit that works exclusively with law enforcement on cold case matters in an advisory capacity. They do not handle commercial, legal or private matters.
  • What is the E.F. VIDOCQ ethos?
    Our ethos is to follow in the footsteps of our founder, Eugène François Vidocq. Vidocq started the first detective agency in 1833. We believe in carrying on the work he fought hard to establish. Vidocq was fond of saying "Hatred for rascals. Boundless devotion to commerce". We ensure that we are there to support commerce and industry through a wide variety of innovative services. We recognize that criminality, malfeasance and fraud are ever present and need modern approaches. With one foot firmly planted in the past, in relation to providing old-fashioned service, we forge tomorrow with the latest methodology that ensure exceptional outcomes.
  • What Is Your Intellectual Property?
    We make claim to be the first in commerce to use: E.F. VIDOCQ™, Eugène-François Vidocq™, the Vidocq Signature, and the likeness of Vidocq in our branding, marketing, sales and outreach. Please see our IP page.
  • Are you private investigators?
    Yes. Our associates are licensed private investigators when and where needed. Not all our services are regulated by some states private investigator laws. We choose to use private investigation licensing in selective cases where it is mandated by law. We are an intelligence firm. We gather Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in many of our cases. Many of our services do not require private investigation licenses but may have other licensing attached such as practicing law or financial advisement, and others have none.
  • What do you mean when you say you are independent?
    We are independent and neutral of any of the latest politics. We remain politically neutral as a firm. We take neither side in any local government we are working within or in the latest topics of today. Each practice leader is not barred from having their own opinions, rights, etc. but as a firm we have standards that do not allow us to take any side. Our neutrality makes us a go-to firm for modern challenges. We are no ones nodding dog, so our choice as E.F. VIDOCQ is to ensure we take no sides in any matter we work on. We follow the evidence, gather the intelligence and advise our clients based on the matter we are handling — not political, emotional, or trendy positions.
  • What does it cost to hire E.F. VIDCOQ
    While most consulting risk, intelligence and investigation firms dodge this answer, we face it head on. E.F. VIDOCQ provides all-inclusive package pricing for 80% of our projects. This style of pricing for engagements is in our clients benefit as they know exactly what they will get for a set price. Nothing more, nothing less. If you wanted to understand an hourly price, E.F. VIDOCQ has a starting price (based on the expertise needed) of $350 per hour, per consultant. Many of our engagements are in the neighborhood of $750 per hour, per consultant, and some are north of $1,500 per hour.
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Acquire, Analyze, Advise.

Unlock unparalleled access to a wealth of professional expertise and expansive global connections through our boutique firm. Vidocq is dedicated to providing our clientele with authoritative insights and mastery across a diverse range of strategic realms. From the inception of your strategy, our devoted team stands by your side, navigating through intricate disputes, complex relationships, and personal and business matters with risk. Our tactical maneuvers ensure the realization of your objectives—and beyond.

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Our firm was  founded on the principles laid in 1833 by E.F. Vidocq. Namely, a hatred for scoundrels and a love for free enterprise practiced with integrity. While we leverage contemporary methodologies to tackle the most pressing challenges of today, we proudly embody a timeless ethos that values traditional service as the hallmark of distinction. At Vidocq, we operate as a boutique specializing in risk and intelligence, ensuring unparalleled agility precisely where our discerning clients require it most.

When You Need Vidocq

Vidocq is a bespoke firm that seamlessly adapts to the unique needs of our esteemed clientele. High net-worth individuals and their family offices entrust Vidocq for enduring advisory relationships, strategic planning, and pivotal moments in heavyweight disputes. Our specialized focus lies in catering to HNWIs and the intricate systems that underpin influential individuals. Whether providing steadfast support to entrepreneurs in times of need or collaborating closely with law firms to offer comprehensive guidance to their clients, Vidocq is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service tailored to the highest standards of excellence.




  • Cybersecurity

  • Cyber Forensics

  • Device Forensics

  • Data Analysis

  • Blackmail

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

  • Disk Decryption

  • Intellectual Property

  • Investigative Consultancy

  • Intellectual Property 

  • Malfeasance

  • Fraud

  • Developer Backgrounds

  • Executive Backgrounds

  • Due Diligence

  • Lawsuits & Disputes

  • Asset Trace & Recovery

  • Standards and Practices

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Luxury Goods Risk

  • Strategic Relocation

  • Attaché™ Lifestyle Management

  • Threat Assessment 

  • Security Planning

  • Privacy - Disappear

  • Dispute Resolution

Vidocq minimizes risk

Why Hire Vidocq

Because Vidocq has a reputation among our clientele of being able to handle and fix multiple matters around disputes, privacy, security and intelligence.

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